Project Partners

The African Dignity Index (ADI) is a project of the MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation (MS-TCDC), in partnership with Africans Rising. Other partners are being onboarded along the way as the vision becomes of interest to them.

Africans Rising and AADK: Is a continental movement with a wide reach of experts and passionate individuals relevant to this work. Understand better programmatic interests and direction of work for AADK/AAI and AR in order to feed into the development and review processes of new and existing objectives and indicators of the ADI indicators.

MS-TCDC: Has a strong background of work focused on governance, human rights and human development, with a wide range of experts through its pool of associate experts, and has a strong convening power. Alongside Africans Rising, MS TCDC is the lead coordinating entity of the ADI and will further reach the youth constituency through its premier youth engagement initiative – YouLead and its partner organisations to identify young people that will contribute youth experiences and perspectives to the ADI.

ALTOWR: The African Legal Think Tank on Women’s Rights is a continental legal institute performing research on a wide-range of areas; its primary area of focus is digital-facilitated gender-based violence.


ADI Project Partners are identified through stakeholders mapping and engaged throughout the entire process in their different capacities, as donors and/or technical support. We are currently looking for new Project Partners to join us! If you are interested in providing technical, financial and/or media support, please refer to the     and feel free to reach out to us.